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Monday, 8 June 2009

Anti democratic voting

The BBC has been reporting the lamentable state of democracy in this country mainly due to these results. It seems that despite the recent poor press regarding the snouts in trough activities of our currently elected gravy train riders that Aunty seems unable to ask the current party spokesman the correct question.
The question they seem unable to ask has been revealed on the Army Rumour Service;

I find it amusing that the fact people have voted for a legitimate political party can be bad for democracy i always thought voting for who you wanty was the whole point of the processPrecisely. I will never be in favour of the banning of any political party, no matter how abhorrent their policies, because the moment we make subjective decisions about who is allowed to stand for election, we become undemocratic. I too was rolling my eyes as each of the main parties lamented the attack on democracy, yet all they were lamenting were the votes which they failed to win. As the results prove, we are a generally very tolerant people and the protest / kick up the arse votes went mainly to the Green party and independents, so democracy has worked well.

Want to see that again?

yet all they were lamenting were the votes which they failed to win

Not too difficult to see is it?


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Spot on

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LSP said...

English politics seem to be flourishing - of course we elected the incarnate son of god to act as our president here in the US...