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Friday, 15 May 2009

Sorrry I have been rather busy recently

Struggling to keep the taxmans paperwork in order whilst balancing 2 jobs and a shoot syndicate. Nothing new I suppose.

I thought that you might appreciate this;

I thought that in light of all of the recent malarkey in the Prison of Westminster, sorry that should read Palace that perhaps Her Majesties finest Revenue Inspectors might be too busy for me, pity its only a hope!

Plenty going on at the moment at the day job, wondering if the high winds will drop more trees for clearing and planning this weekends training course.

The Tea Lady and I are at the Game fair at Highclere Castle on the Whit weekend

In the meantime perhaps the looming local and Euro elections will have caused the clowns to have bucked up!

In the meantime perhaps this:

Might give you a laugh.

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