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Friday, 29 May 2009

No booze for 7 days from lunchtime today

So around about then I was starting to sober up and realise just how much work I have to do this next two weeks. 2 tons of top soil needed for the veg beds, a new display rack for the Tea lady's stand so we can display the leads and I also have just moved this little lot from the front drive to the rear garden ready for cleaning;

White for water, 4 of. Black for feed storage, 6 of. Blue for goal post feeders, 10 of. The lads have some work to do next week I may get as much prep done this week and then next week all we have to do is fit the goal posts and hange them. A lot of washing out to be done as they certainly pong!

P.S. Yes thats our little Camping Khazi in the corner.

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