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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A TV programme missed but so much more gained

Last night after a light lunch in Town with Mr FM I spent the evening perusing some real gun porn, Broomhandle Mausers at the Bethlehem hospital at Lambeth for the criminally insane or Bedlam as it was known!

Now not that last night was chaos although the traditional post lecture Ruby is still burning at at least one end, and of course there was some serious blimping and fondling close on heavy petting that took place, look below to see what I mean;
Just one of many and a cracking lecture to boot;

Nice arent they? I actually had a cabby with a nice one many years ago when Bisley was Mecca and had proper pistol ranges! If only eh?

And now GMK say I can supply RCBS equipment so happy days, next the RFD files eh?

They even came with stocks;

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ajdshootist said...

Ah a 7.63 C96 the first full bore pistol i ever bought in 1969 you should have seen one fired in poor light very impressive.