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Friday, 10 April 2009

Back on the horse I suppose part 2

Richard came over this afternoon and we spent a little time handloading for his deer rifle followed by Goose egg banjos and copious mugs of tea.

A quick session to check the difference between the military ammo;

This compared reasonably well to the handloads, I'm curious if the barrel twist/bullet weight combo is been driven too fast for real accuracy but its still minute of deer at 100 yards;

The weather was appalling weather especially so when I wanted too shoot my Rigby. I couldnt resist however and decided to have a pop with a 7x57/.275. The scope is decidedly odd and needs investigation but despite only a quick boresight I put all 5 of the 140 grain pills in the kill area with one pulled;
It was so wet that the stick on targets fell off after about 5 shots.

The 175 grain round nose bullets by Federal printed left on the edge of the target and the rifle is set up for shooting from either a high seat or standing. I am looking forward to stalking with his next week and I will use the original Rigby ammo loaded in Norma brass.

Richards 1022 proved to be acceptably accurate, I think the bunnies round his way will be suffering;

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