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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Ironic, no

Just pissed off again.
This was sent to me by Stephen;
If this is all that Auntie can come up with for all the money it collects in taxes then I will be getting rid of my television set next september when its due for renewal. The sattelite will have to go as well otherwise I will be taxed for paying a commercial organisation for watching tax payer funded propoganda.
What was the straw that broke the camels back?
Well its been a long loading of straw, ignorance diusplayed by Nicki Campbell over the biaised reporting in 2005 on 5 live for tail docking exemptions.
The persitant use of the "offensive" Phrase of blood sports, if thats a statement of fact then so is stating that black youths scare eldeerly white folk and are more likely to die in gun crime in cities.
The failure to accurately report the truth in its news proograms, something that has been going on since 1979 to my knowledge.
Jonothan Ross, need I explain?
Any drivel that passes for programming with "Celeb" in the title and finally the gravy train that is the BBC which is a self perpetuating beast constantly feeding on the tax payer.
Thats 1 less tax to pay next september which means the whole digital drivel will pass me by.
Will I miss television?
I dont think so, at least not for more than the 24 hours before it is put on the internet!

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