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Friday, 13 February 2009

Worried by government and the right wing reaction to it?

Well to be honest you should be! I am concerned that one of my close former colleagues and a comrade for life had to find this via the BNP!

That said watch what the Zanu Neu Arbeit proponent of one law for you and another for me wanted banned from the House of Lords private viewing!

This is what lord Ahmed doesnt want his colleagues to see and is happy to threaten a march of 100,000 Islamic protestors to ensure that free speech is restricted to the politically correct under Zanu Neu Arbeits regime!
All I can say at the moment is sorry, sorry that it takes the BNP, the most villified legal political party constituted in law in the UK to bring this to us, in fact Lord Khan has successfully promoted Gert Villders film without even trying too hard and without for once breaking too many laws!
Sad but a powerful use of the press to put over a view that means change for this country!

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