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Saturday, 14 February 2009

The season may have ended but the work goes on

Elmer and I met up this afternoon to sort out a few feeders and do some topping up. We collected the two free standing ones, fitted the Wright nozzles to them, topped them up and set off with a few buckets of grain.

Job No1 set up a goal post feeder for one that was sited hanging against a tree;

Thats definetly a whole lot better than how it was before, we then dropped of the two free standing feeders, the ones with the new nozzles.
These are sited on the paths that cross the first drive or Millies as it is now known! This should encourage the birds to use the scrub and brambles on the open ground, all good plans. Whilst we were siting the next feeder Misty flushed a big Cock Pheasant which proves that feeding throughout the year is definetly worthwhile;

Back along the top path on Millies drive the last feeder also received the goalpost treatment;

These feeder nozzles were still running freely and the oats seem to be a favourite of the birds so we will keep the remaining ones for the extra feeders I am planning to build over the next few months!

More work needed and next time I'll take a tow rope to get me out of the sticky stuff that normally seems to attract my driving skills! I think we need to build about 6 or 7 more goal post feeders to get them off the trees.

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