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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Death in the long grass

Well today after a long week on call I took the kids bowling and started to wind down, only 2 weeks till crufts and my bitch is still in season!

I was making a cup of tea when our new neighbours decided to put in an appearance, one shot later and it was death in the long grass, number 2 son went up to our urban high seat and took the first stag but hit no more;

I spy with my little eye;

He was a big fecker but a dead one all the same;

Thats an UK size 11 boot there!

Now we have become members of the good life we should expect to see a few more of these!

A trip to middle farm and a Forsham Ark was procured;

After we had finished assembling it we let thenew Ninja hens into their home!

The hens had some company till bedtime!

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