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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Big day out tomorrow

1st ever UK Shooting show to be held at Newark. I am still behind with some paperwork so next week I will be busy. We had to have the council rat catcher in as our neighbours all had the same problem. Still the Ninja hens are slowly venturing out from the ark;

Friday was spent on a team building day with the client and as such I was unable to get anything done bar some beer drinking! Never mind, if I dont buy a couple of rifles tomorrow then the money gets spent on a box trailer for the Tea Lady!

Talking of the devil she has been E Mythering me;

How it should be done apparently.

Well with getting ready for Crufts next week (thankfully the tree huggers of the Beeb wont be there to ruin it) I decided that it was time to get a few brushes out for a drying session;

Yes there are a few bald charlies around these parts!

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