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Monday, 9 February 2009

Another Monday morning

"How was your weekend?" and the answer is "odd actually" 34 out of 70 on the sorting bird layout and the 20 bore kept double discharging! I may need to upgrade my oldest onto a 12 bore as he isnt holding the 28 bore firmly enough for the second barrel to cock and he is also missing far too many birds costing me a fortune in cartridges. I think a lesson in bruised shoulders may help!
Cancelled last weeks trip to the woods although I may go this wednesday weather permitting! Its not the road conditions that concern me but all of the other throbbers who cant drive blocking the road with abandoned cars. I really do need to get out and fill the freezer!
Fingers crossed and we are hoping for no snow tonight!
Time for another funny perhaps?

Anyway until I have the chance to bag something, this is about all you will get, that is unless my new rifle arrives!

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