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Sunday, 1 February 2009

1st of Feb

Every year it comes around, a certain inevitability that means no more game birds and get into the freezer for your fix. I always feel the same as its my eldest sons birthday, 18 this year and still despite what he thinks absolutely no wiser than when I changed his nappies not so long ago!

The dogs this morning exploded from the run thinking they were going working, at least it was a walk in the woods for them, for me no shooting beyond pest control and deer which I will be starting again this week, perhaps I can lie back on the sofa of sloth with a whisky and reminisce on what was a season of firsts and lasts.

Alex's first Pheasant;

Elmers and Dillies first bird on this shoot;

The last season for Millie and Sheba, sadly Millie is no longer with us but she remains immortalised as we have named a drive after her;

Sheba in the snow at the fish pond, yes it is snowing so probably no train to work in the morning!

Still here are a couple from yesterday;

On the way be we got to see what Mr Clarkson apparently calls a hot hatch;

Isnt it funny what you see on the way home!

At least Zulu is on the square box this afternoon!

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