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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Woodcock a plenty

The last formal organised day at Park wood was this morning. I dont normally show how we start the day, just how we finish but this time it I thought I'd show you all a little Sussex Hospitality. I get in early and fire up the BBQ;

There is never a shortage of things to feed the piggy, in our syndicate we have a Butcher and a Baker.

After Millies Drive during which we managed to miss a few Pheasants and the odd Woodcock Richard at least managed to put a nice cock in the bag;

Millie was Elmer Fudds old Cocker Spaniel who sadly died this week, as long as Elmer is ok we are naming this drive after her!

The shoot was slightly shorter than planned as i was absolutely knackered with a heavy head cold. The total bag for the day was 1 cock pheasant and 4 woodcock. Nothing massive again but when the guns get better we will increase the bag, we put more than 20 woodcock out today, makes you wonder why we bother putting pheasants to the wood!

Here are the guns;

And the beaters;

Next saturday I will be in Hampshire so I told the lads to help themselves!

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