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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Penultimate day in Hampshire

Not overburdened by either guns or beaters we certainly managed to get a good bag. Macey managed her first retrieve although she was reluctant to release it and lots of pigeons flew over for the last time. Here she is with Amber by the top of the mustard strip;

Tristan managed a nice big cock bird here and Sassy pinched it from her sons and daughters;

The shoot started in stiff rain and within moments of starting it was sunny and we were peeling layers off, funny the difference a week can make. A mixed bag was had by the end of 2 drives which was doubled by tea break;

That was then doubled again with more pigeons and a brace of Partridges added. Nice to see was a woodcock on the sedge, it flew off unsaluted!

The Partridges were put off the Rape field which was blanked in nicely;

Tris had his hawk in for the afternoon as well;

All in all a good day out, now to get plucking last weeks birds!

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