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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

You cant treat cattle nor even beaters like this

Its illegal to carry beaters in a trailer on bales as they arent proper seats with seatbelts and the same applies to cattle the EU insist quite rightly I think that the animals in transit have water breaks and arent overloaded. If you doubt this you can ask Fatty, was he prosecuted because of the crime or because unlike all the thieving pikeys that do this and other various nefarious activities on others land he can be found without too much effort and brought to court.
This patently doesnt apply to anyone who has bought a ticket on a commuter train. With prices about to rise in my area by around 10% (just what is inflation again?) it seems that only the stroppy Eastern European bloke who drags the trolley of warm lager and cold tea through our train is the only one who doesnt pay for the privelidge of standing for journeys in excess of an hour.
Southern are messing up the timetable this month and cutting our services so that new trains can run fast from Hassocks into London . Just where does the MD of Southern live? That is assuming its not Paris!

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