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Sunday, 14 December 2008

The weekend is nearly over

I had to drop out of my regular fortnightly visit to the shoot in Hampshire to spend time with the kids. Saturday passed in a blur of ten pin bowling, shopping and being wound up slightly!
Sunday however was much better;
1st off a trip to the local clay club, 40 bird flush for 2 and a round of English skeet.

20 out of 40 between us was our best score.

Ben with his 28 bore, a nice Beretta which he alternatley loves and hates but with which I have filled the freezer already this season!

A trip to an under 12 football game where Alex was the blind git in the black!

After this I drew a neighbours turkey ready for Christmas and walked the dogs; Here is Spike, bens dog showing how even winter doesnt stop the attraction of muddy puddles.

Here is Sampson the Tea Lady's hound! He is a happy chap!

Roll on the holidays

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