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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Where's Wally?

Today I have been mainly running around Mayfair and St James's in an attempt to secure a slab of 28 bore carts for this weekend. Thats enough clues;
If that didnt help, perhaps this will?

Ok all of this was running around to ensure I had enough for the weekend! Enough of what? Enough of these:


Mr Free Market said...

You should haved called - my office is 5 mins walk from where you took piccy no.1

As for the squibs ... did you end up in Mayfair ... South Auderley St maybe ??

Bambibasher said...

Holland and Holland were the only shop open, Bruton street as it happens although I was very close to hitting Purdeys again!
Purdeys seem less sniffy when you only want some cartridges unlike othersI'm in town next week again if you are around, fancy a brew?