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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Today I have mainly been getting wet whilst beating

Its our first day at last at our little local shoot, no loaders or peg numbers for us I'm afraid, just 5 friends with their madcap families to do the beating and lots of walking round our little wood. I decided that my two boys could share my gun and I would beat, no problem until we saw four woodcock and Alex who missed one last year was in the wrong spot this time!
Here's Tony with the first bird of the day and one of my spaniels, Tony brought his GSPs who worked like loons.

Happy smiling Chris despite the weather, we actually thought that we would only have the one bird this time being true to form but we managed to get 5 birds. Mainly down to better shooting this year but we still need more practise. I have signed up with a clay club and will be dragging a couple of syndicate members along!
Not a massive bag by any means but on par with some shoots I have been on and for 3 hours traipsing around wet woods not bad really.

The Guns & the Beaters


Mr Free Market said...

Isnt it a bit early for woodcock?

Must be the global warming

Bambibasher said...

They could be native and I suspect that the 4 birds are really no more than 2!