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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Squaddies eh?

Typical Kiwi as well!

I had an interesting evening last night at the IWM for the monthly HBSA lecture, it started with 3 pints of Fireside in the 3 stags and ended with a G&T on the train home!

The published lecture didnt happen sadly due to illness but members stood in and gave a 15 minute effort each, some of the subjects for discussion were ver4y interesting and I have a couple of bad photos below. I wont be identifying them just yet as they are subject to an online quiz on arsse!

Now I owned one of these and sold it years after the ban to fund a stalking rifle!

This is an odd one, if you can identify it I'll be impressed, if not I'll post the other side.

This isnt what it seems either, I was intrigued by the tag on the trigger guard and I must get around to asking!

This last one was very interesting and much to the lecturers surprise but not ours a member in the audience had one!

He also gave some great reloading data in the Q&A session, the member not the lecturer!

And now for something different;

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