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Saturday, 15 November 2008

November is about half way through

I had to make the journey to Hampshbire to Rogers Shoot on my own, well I had 5 dogs with me but no human company!

It was a suprising day as it was mild and overcast yet the first drive revealed a big cock pheasant shot by Greg with the first shot of the day and his lovely black lab made hius first ever retrieve. We were impressed. Not a massive bag at 21 birds but getting better, as I speak 2 hens are hanging in the garage for next week and we had some good looking birds lined up;

Part of the line up and although I didnt hang around at the end for a drink I would like to congratulate Roger 2 for his exceptionally well behaved dogs.

Now for another week of soulless commutiung up to London.

A little humour!

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