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Monday, 6 October 2008

South of England Autumn Game and Country Show

Now holding a show on the opening weekend of the pheasant season isnt what most shooting folk would do but however with all the late starts planned to the season by many shoots it seems to have paid off.

Thanks to Nigel we borrowed a tent instead of our usual Marquee which this time I think was helpful given the gale force winds that stopped the hawks flying.

Dfor the dog did his stint collecting for the National Gamekeepers Organisation and were heard the rattle of small change when we put him to bed;

Well we didnt make a sale until noon on the saturday and from then until close of play it was non stop. The rain arrived at 4pm and brought with it howling gales until 4 the next day. The Tea Lady wanted to pack up on arriving at the stand on Sunday morning but we persevered, made some more money and it stopped raining at about an hour before closing.
To all those people who paid their money and saw only half the stands on sunday that were there on saturday, sorry and thankyou for visiting at least you saw the hounds and the gun dog displays.

Now for a train trip to London for another job interview.


Mr FM said...

How did the interview go?

Bambibasher said...

Well it was a fishing expedition rather than filling posts but I did ok, I'll be on their list of possibles mainly due to my flexibility!