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Sunday, 28 September 2008

A weekend of missed opportunities

Followed a week of missed foxes.
Moving high seats and then sitting in them only to have charlie walk underneath your new position!

I had to turn down 2 days stalking Muntjac with 3 French clients to have my car MOT'd and my teeth filled at the dentist. The next morning I was stood in an other bowling lane in Crawley this time whilst everyone else enjoyed themselves and I watched my lads bomb in the trials.

I then get a call from Big Richard with a collection at his place on the way home;

Now one of these is hanging in my garage waiting on Elmer to butcher it, I will have a nice head for teaching and a hide hopefully.

Thanks Richard and Roger Buss of Deerland.

We all then went out to feed the pheasants and try and zero a rifle or two. My youngest lad:

And his target;

His big brother;

And his target;

Then after filling some feeders Ben bogged the jeep in a big tractor rut so guess what I'll be doing this week?

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