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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

So after a mornings unsuccesful stalk

Despite calling in two foxes nothing much was doing.
I stopped on the way home to deliver some dog training dummies for the tea lady and it looks like I have picked up some more stalking ground.
On return to the office I open an email from No10 Downing Streets E Placebo team;
My petition has been rejected as allegedly and I quote;

Hi,I'm sorry to inform you that your petition has been rejectedagain.

Your petition was classed as being in the following categories:* Language which is offensive, intemperate, or provocative
Your petition will now appear in the list of rejectedpetitions.
Your petition reads:We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to: 'Ammend theTown and Country Planning acts, together with the Public Orderand Criminal Justice Act 1994'So called travellers often trespass on private and publiclyowned land.
The first action the council carries out is toprosecute the landowner for unplanned development.
Surely thecouncil should be prosecuting those carrying out thedevelopment ie the travelling trespassers and not the majoritylaw abiding community which pays its taxes and obeys the law.
The police need to be given the freedom to move thesetrespassers on without recourse to finding a way aroundaggravated trespass.
They are acting in the defence of the lawbreakers and the council are criminalising the law abiding landowners who dont want the travellers there.
Both sets of lawsneed ammending to defend those who work hard and pay theirtaxes and not the work shy criminals who leave the land in aterrible state!
The efforts of the council are being wasted inprosecuting the wrong persons, perhaps if that money was usedby the Police instead to prosecute the tresspassers it wouldlead to justice being done.
-- the ePetitions team
I replied ;
Please highlight which language is offensive, I have run all of these words through both dictionary and Thesaurus or is it the fact that the tax paying public are fed up with uncivil servants protecting criminals and thieves that you find offensive, come the day all of you will be on the dole. I will see justice!

Ok a little too much come the revolution but after all it should be true.
They replied today;
Dear Mr Ugly, Thank you for your email. The extra detail in your e-petition request essentially categorises travellers as "work shy criminals who leave the land in a terrible state". This is offensive and provocative. Yours sincerely, Web Now I cant see where I have specifically called the travellers workshy criminals but even so the Govt seem to think they are!

I replied;
It may seem offensive to those in Ivory towers whos workshyness has brought all of this current trouble on us, out here in the real world its called telling the truth but I doubt if any current politicians would recognise the truth if it fell on their chauffered car on the way to their second home that I and other taxpayers are unwillingly being bled dry to fund!

I dont expect a reply and I dont think that there is any way that I can frame the words without it implying what the tosspots in Downing street believe, a little help here would be nice folks.
Perhaps if everyone submitted the same in slightly altered wording they might crack?

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