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Saturday, 20 September 2008

A bit more serious than magpies

But its still shooting;

This little gem followed me home after many months of joyless anticipation of my variation coming through!

It looks like a standard Swedish Cavalry Carbine in 6.5 x 55 and until recently they were still used by one of the Scandinavian Royal Guards.

This one however comes with a scope which we believe is German and dates from the interwar period which is when we also think the work was done. Sadly there are no names to put to this work and it will be a joy to shoot starting with a zeroing session tomorrow! It takes down nicely by slackening the two action screws and pushing the barrel band forward.

The scope is mounted on a quick detachable mount and also can be shot through the mounts. The rifle has express style flip sights set for 100 and 200 metres. I will try 140 grain bullets in this.
As you can see it packs away neatly and tomorrow will come out for some serious zeroing!

The view through the scope is exactly the one I like, clear and a perfect reticle. Now to fathom out the adjustment on the top!

The question now is whats next, the 7 x 57, the wildcat .30 or the left handed .243 that I really do need for all the cack handed clients I keep getting sent?


ajdshootist said...

Nice sir very nice,was shooting my Swedish M38 this morning,do you ever have days when you wished you had not got up normaly my M38 is a tack driver even in my shakey hands this morning i could not hit a barn door, it does not like Rel 19 im going back to H4350 41.5gns with 140grn Matchkings very nice.

Swedish Mauser Carbine said...

Nice! I like the case too. Interesting front barrel band.

The m/94 is still used by the swedish royal guards, by the way.

Bambibasher said...

Well I'm looking for a spare front cap/muzzlecap/foresight protecter bit so if you can help let me know!

kaj, norway said...

The answer is: keep it in 6.5x55, which is a tack-driver. light in recoil, and easy to access, at least across the North Sea. Why change a winning team?

Bambibasher said...

Kaj, dont worry that rifle will remain as is and will be used to stalk deer here.

I was referring to what new rifles to buy next!