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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Start of the Fallow Buck season

This year also coincides with the Roe Rut. I had a disgracefully early start on Friday of 0300 hrs to get out into a lovely little Fallow wood about an hours drive from here and all we saw in 3 hours was 5 Fallow Does. I wonder if they will be there on the 1st November?

Saturday brought better news as I took another client and old friend up to another wood where despite us thinning the bucks all spring a doe in season keeps attracting them in.

No sooner had we settled in position when a buck obligingly walks into our ambush and takes a 7.62 x 39 smack into his chest. He rears up and sprints off across the new planting.

I found him after about 10 minutes searching which caused much distress to the client as he was doubting his own shooting by then.

An amazing exit wound for such close range, thank you Sierra Bullets, another job well done!

The Buck also exhibited another unusual item, "Aladins Slippers Syndrome" where the fronts of the hooves grow out and point inwards, its normally found in Cattle or here in this part of Sussex in Fallow Deer. I was quite surprised but the deer checked out for everything else and appeared to be underweight but in good health.

After this was dealt with we bumped into another Roe but the Doe in season this time and she crouched letting us get to within 50 yards before presenting and pronking off into the cover.


Mr Free Market said...

Grrrrrrrrrrr snarrrrrrrrrl

Still still here in HK, waiting for the next typhoon to arrive

Bambibasher said...

Dont worry the Fallow rut starts sometime next month and there will still be plenty of deer around.
What about the forthcoming pheasants?