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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Maybe Cyclops is right with one thing

I think it will be either Bridport or Skegness for me this year;

Things have been rather busy with a morning or two spent getting the new pheasant pen up to scratch. Wire was hung yesterday and the mesh added, I just need to tidy the old pen as thats getting birds as well and then this weeks spare time will be spent on fixing a gate, electric fence, water supply and food!

Yesterday afternoon after intense nagging from the anklebiters I took them to see the local Conference football side start their season by losing to Rushden and Diamonds 1-0. Still despite the rain it was a good day out! Big fry up this morning and after that settles we'll be in the wood again!

Chris's four pointer skull is drying nicely in the sunshine so I wont bleach that and I'll cut it this week and mount it on the board!

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