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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sunday at last and a busy weekend draws to a close

Friday saw us all as a family make the trek up to Blenheim Palace for the 50th CLA Game Fair

It was a very large event and has taken over 200, 000 visitors over its 3 days in previous years, this year it felt as if all 200, 000 were queueing in front of us to get into the car park.

As per usual as at every Agricultural and Country event there was a Rupert thinking he looks dapper in his red cords;

At least the weather was good, too damn good for an outdoor event, I didnt spend much, exchanged some boots at Trekkers, (very good bunch in thier). Met Dr Stealth and picked up some powder at Norman Clarke Gunsmiths followed by a 5 minute tease over my next custom rifle. "Anything can be made for a price!" Not a bad quote that!

At least the day before we got down to the beach at Normans Bay and let the dogs have a swim, all good for the ones recovering from injuries;

This saturday morning was spent phoning round the syndicate for next seasons shoot, organising a work day and squeezing money out of people. I am hoping tpo order the birds tomorrow for a late August delivery. That will give us a couple of weeks to hang the wire for the new pen and deliver the water!

Yesterday afternoon saw us in the wood with some friends doing an introduction to clay shooting along with a little rifle work afterwards.

Coaching an old friends Girlfriend or Wife can be interesting, at least this time she didnt wear a plunging neckline allowing hot empty brass to land where I'm not allowed to stick my mitts.

Still the tea lady had a good go and cross eyed rifle shooting is to be marvelled at;


Mr Free Market said...

You lucky devil you - I'm am stuck out 'ere (still east of Suez) & you, Family FM, The Englishman & most of my chums are all off at the Game Fair

I know where I'd rather be

Bambibasher said...

I'm sure there are plenty of disctractions, the CLA felt as hot as the tropics but we stopped by Bryn Parry's stand, donated to Help for Heroes and bought a couple of books!
I was sorely tempted to get my kids to shout "Donkey Walloper!" at the two lads from Kings Troop RHA!
I behaved!