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Sunday, 6 July 2008

I'm sat in recovery mode with a barrel of Harveys

trying to work out how 45 people managed to eat a 75 pound pig.
It certainly cooked well and as a 40th birthday party for the Tea Lady seemed the ideal option.
She worked out this morning that we catered for the whole event for less than hiring in someone to do it, admittedly I couldnt have done it without Elmer, Karen etc all lending a hand.

As 40th birthday parties go it wasnt a bad one, a fair few guests had to be carried home, some had to get the AA to cut of their locking wheelnuts to change a flat tyre and some I suspect will end in Relate. Still Madam enjoyed herself so I seem to have succeded. Thanks folks and here's one more gratuitous porker shot to part with;

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