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Friday, 18 July 2008

A hard day in the office

Deserves a trip to the range to rezero the stalking rifles. Roe Rut is on at the moment and the Fallow season is a few days away!
I took Alex with me for a spot of relaxing range work;
The DVD player had died so a trip to Valhalla via some decent .303 was the way forward.

Its a long way to the target for the little 7.62 x 39 round but it does the biz;

Next out was the 6.5 swede in my CZ 550. It needed a check and surprisingly wasnt too far out.

Just the one declared flyer;

A quick rezero and a blast with a flyer again and also 3 rounds using the set trigger just to remind me why I dont!

Back to the more mundane jobs such as bleaching Damians skull which he will get mounted by me!

Nothing spectacular apart from the shot and it was of course his first!

And the DVD player died!

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