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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Damians First Buck

A busy day yeaterday, builders in putting my bathroom back together, local FEO in to discuss my variations of 6 more sporting rifles and a trip out with Damian to see if at last after 6 trips we could make 7 his lucky number.
We were asked to visit an area of the wood that had been out of bounds for almost 6 months as the Roebucks have been busy shredding the bark on the saplings.
This was obvious on arrival and if it hadnt been out of bounds wouldnt have happened;
Well we saw movement on the edge of the mature timber but couldnt sex the deer, bucks only at the moment so we sat tight for almost an hour.

We took a wander further around the edge of the new plantation as the wind was not helping us blowing across our backs. I took us through as much dead ground and cover as possible, my old platoon sgt would have been proud of me!

A painstaking approach of about 2 metres a minute through beds of dried leaves ensure a silent and scent free approach. There was the doe ahead, about 100 yards ish. as Damian was trying to confirm her sex I spied ye olde fallen log trick deeper inside the wood. It was the Buck lying down with his back to us. Only lifting his head to take the air. I put Damian onto it and let him line up. It wasnt much of a choice, a neck or texas heart shot.

I squeeked on the buttalo to get him to lift his head long enough for a shot and Damian centred his .243 Remington 700 on Bambis neck.

Bang! down his head went and his body kicked a few times the stopped.

We waited about 5 minutes for the Doe to leave and silently approached the deer pacing out along the way.

The shot was taken at around 85 yards.

A good shot and as the entry wound shows bang on for the money, a shot I would have struggled with and one I would have expected more experienced shots to have problems with.

About 50 pounds weight dressed out.
Jolly well done.

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