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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Terrier racing

Before GCHQ misread this and SO13 and 1/4 descend upon our humble fortress mistakenly believing I am some sort of airport shop worker, I spent an enjoyable afternoon watching a friends terrier racing at a local village event.

Terriers whilst being neither mine or my wifes cup of tea fill a certain necessary niche in the working dog world.

Whilst many seem to be owned by persons just a quid away from being pikeys they also seem to organise some fun filled and relaxed events. Where else can you get 6 psycotic bundles of fur and spit snarling their way out of a homemade trap to rundown a fox brush?

The evidence speaks for itself;

I certainly enjoyed myself and if a flutter had been available I would have been very happy!

Another quick clip;

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