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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Normal service is resumed

At last back from the Imperial Death Star.
I took two previous clients on their 2 day introduction to Woodland Stalking this weekend.
Biped who as you can see by the picture is pretty well immmersed in the sport;

Biped did see some Fallow across the boundary stream but not on our land and not in season.

Archer and I saw a lovely Fallow Pricket grazing away. He didnt know we were there;

This chap presented several shootable opportunities, lets hope we are as lucky next month.

This morning saw us staggering around after about 4 hours sleep in another wood on the other side of the county.

Not much to report apart from my snoring may have kept the deer away. We did stumble upon an almost black Fallow Fawn, a doe perhaps. Her lucky day no doubt as we moved off leaving her to stare at us.

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