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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Just walking the dog

My day is reasonably relaxed, up at 0730, commute to the office via the kettle, dogs in the garden and a stint on the Khazi.

Work for a while (read e mails actually) load the fit dogs in the truck at about 0930 and give them a walk. Today I managed to see the house I'd rather fancy owning even if just for the land around it;

Back to the house, tea and work till lunch requires me to run the tea lady around on some errand, today it was over to Newhaven to look at some custom built sales trailers. Ouch they are a future wish list item.

back to the office for the afternoon and Biped calls over tonight to take his stalking test and then I must get on with loading some ammunition! 6.5 swede and .308 are on the hit list!

In the meantime a word from our tea lady on watching what you are doing;

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ajdshootist said...

Re Khazi,a little to much info thanks.