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Monday, 2 June 2008

A busy weekend

2 Stalking clients came down from the North West, Richard treating a mate Johnno to an introductory stalk. The usual training and range work followed by a live stalk. I took Johnno and a mate Chris took Richard. We managed to get in between two barking bucks and stood watching one walk into our woods from a neighbours field.
Johnno lined up on the buck but Buck fever prevailed and he snatched the shot missing the possible siver medal trophy buck. Yes he was close enough to judge. Still we stalked a doe and a fox later so he has been learning new skills and seems hooked.
So I'm sorry no pictures of deer today but I'm out again on wednesday for another introductory stalk with a client.
A very busy week ahead if I can crack the drawings issued by my client and I still have some cleaning and tidying of rifles and ammo to do!

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