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Monday, 30 June 2008

A busy weekend is over thankfully

We drove to Dunstable for a kids 10 pin bowling tournament, this time leaving early thinking we would be home for lunch. Not a hope, both of the boys qualified, Ben came 3rd in his age group and Alex 8th in his. There was a play off for prizes and Ben won a £49.99 voucher towards a bowling ball. He used it on a second hand ball that looks interesting and at 16 pounds fills a niche in his armoury.

We were proud of both of them as they dont normally qualify and especially for Ben as he hadnt won any sports prizes before.

Here he is at prize giving, at last we all sigh, poor dogs were stuck for 13 hours needing a pee and not one accident from the 3 inside!

Back at work today as per usual the sun is shining and I'm indoors for a couple of days as the builders and plod are visiting!

more later.

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