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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Where do we start

In this case its when do we start, friday to be exact, I'm heading off to the clients office to pick up my work for the next 3 months.
At long last but dont worry the agency decided to add a mess you around factor at the last minute and attempted to lower my rate.
"But you wont be commuting" whined the agent. "I wont be using the firms IT or electricity either!" I replied.
What a bunch of urine takers, trying to rate rape me without the benefit of alcohol!
Now as things are slowly taking off with training courses coming in a couple a month, my range rifles being sold off (ostensibly to raise funds and two finger to the UKNRA, in reality to create room for more sporting rifles) I feel that a permanent post somewhere less stressful than a projects office is a distinct possibility.
I fancy a local or regional govt job (lets face it they are pretty poorly paid but I'm sure I will have the time for fundraising activities), anything that after a summer of being able to feed the pheasants at either end of the day and still get out of bed at 7 am has to be a bonus.
On the pheasant front there are moves afoot to buy in eggs and incubate and rear our own, that will be interesting. I think I'll order some poults in just in case!
The UKNRA is busy sending its information packs out to club secretaries asking for another £20 per member as if the affiliation fees and range fees arent already enough. More back door fund raising for something that is unneccesary in law, Landmarc who run the MoD ranges dont seem to be interested in civilian shooting anyway.
The funniest thing mentioned in the UKNRA blurb is the fact that on open days rifles for guests will be zeroed by UKNRA approved coaches. Ok at face value, in reality it sort of works because of one to one coaching but as a practise it is deplorable. Rifles can only really be zeroed for the person shooting that rifle at that time. This is evident when I take a client stalking, they have to prove to me they have zeroed the rifle or I assist them in doing so!
Not difficult really but just goes to show what a bunch of wasters of oxygen sit in salaried posts at what was after all Mecca to many of us.
Now if shooters decide not to pay a penny to the NRA this year then the NRA and its flimsy finances will fail.
What a disaster I hear? Not at all as then the association could start again with its charter for defence and this time be run for its members rather than for its board!
Perhaps the SRA could step in as it has many more members than the NRA and it could take over the charter, lets face it they couldnt do a worse job could they?

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