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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

What to buy next?

I feel I shall keep my love affair with classics and CZ's going. I am looking at what rifles to buy and I have my eye on a CZ527FS in .223, a CZ 550 in 22.250 and a CZ550FS in .243. I am also tempted to get another .308 or a European calibre such as 9mm. Oh decisions decisions. At least I have a friendly RFD who will help me out of some cash here!

I will be getting that Swedish sportered carbine in 6.5 this month so another trip to the RFD to look at more of these is in order.

I just need to fund some nice glass for these, I suspect that most will be teaching rifles so will end up with german glass in 4X42 or similar!


ajdshootist said...

Very nice too,i am just in the process of getting another 6.5x54ms
but this one with a German scope,a
take down like the other one but a year or two earlier.

Bambibasher said...

I should be shot of my rifles within 2 weeks leaving me all summer to wait for a one for one variation for the replacements. Just as well its raining today!
I may get some office work done, I need to do the risk assessments for 2 shoots and also for the stalker training!

Biped said...

Call me mate - you know it makes sense ;-)