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Friday, 23 May 2008

What an amazing night last night was

I went to a wood over in West Sussex where I know a family group of Roe reside. A client had complained that the high seats needed moving so I took along an able assistant. We moved one further back from the wall of green jungle and set of to find a suitable spot to set another up.

I was explaining that this area we were approaching was favourite for the deer to lie up in when movement caught my eyes.

We both saw the ears twitching and through the dense cover of about 30 yards I could see no antlers. "Doe" I hissed, we stood for 10 minutes whilst she flicked her ears trying to get the flies away but she wouldnt look at us so we could confirm she was definetly not a buck. I reached for my buttolo caller

We watched as she kept looking to see where the squeeking "FI FI" came from. I said to Damian, "Watch this!" and gave the fawn in distress call and up the doe sprang and ran towards us. She was less than 10 feet away when she realised she had been duped and turned allowing us to see her magnificent summer coat.

My only regret was not having a camera in my hand. I expected the still hidden Buck to react but his barking amazed the both of us, length and loudness! Of course he wouldnt show himself, later this year for him as when the rut starts he will have competition.

On a final note for today I would like to congratulate Manchester United Football Team for such a nail biting finish to the Champions League and commiserations to Chelski.

Thanks to Jeremy for this:

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