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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Wading through work and dealing with the odd

Enquiry, my family have seemed to forgotten that I am in an office working and that they cant just come and bug me willy nilly as if I was at home.

However my wife can keep sending me little Gems like this one;

Whilst the world seems bent on filling the internet with moans about the cost of fuel and no Biped, I havent filled my truck with red derv yet, some people are asking why the one eyed git in no. 10 is insistent on keeping duty on fuel so high when no one will be able to drive to work soon?

I on the other hand have been deeply moved by one chaps attempt to ressurect the 37mm canon for infantry use, sounds like a non starter but will be fun getting nowhere!

In the meantime with inflation rising and wages staying put or falling the old WW2 posters start to come into their own, dig for victory etc, we have planted some veggies in our back garden. This conversion amused me greatly especially in light of the cost to travel on trains seems too high nowadays!

So from this;

to this;

Says it all really!

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