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Sunday, 4 May 2008

How to break a new L200 truck

Or alternatively how not to drive through a stream.

We all met at the wood again today and spent a little time walking around familiarising ourselves with work tasks, feeders, boundaries, log piles to be cleared, you know the mundane stuff that needs doing every year.

Richard however decided that it would be easier in his L200. Now if you havent had the L200 experience they are not bad trucks, thankfully this one is still in warranty!

Having been rescued by Richard last month it was my turn, thankfully the ground was dryer!

Here is one of our new members dogs by the truck at the start of the day;

Now all was going well and Tony commented that Richard enjoyed offroading whilst we headed back to load our truck with material from the old pen for the new one!

The phone rang and assistance was requested, god alone knows why he thought I could do it but it seems he has killed his drive shaft;

Here the dogs are running around laughing at the dead truck and below is the reason why;

Apparently those are drive shaft bearings and this is where they live;

Well job was done and the last posts sank for the new pens so just the blown vitara engine to replace and we are ready to wire our pens!

At least the dogs enjoyed themselves even if it was hot!

1 Trailer full of logs for the neighbours but sadly no beer as the kids were at home and would eat everything in the fridge if left too long!

I get home, log into an old email server and find this waiting for me:

From 1st January 2009 it will be a mandatory requirement for a civilianshooter to have a certificate of competence to shoot on an MOD Range(including Bisley). The certificate will be issued on successful completionof a Range Safety and Competency Test (RCST).The NRA are still at the draft stage of what the RCST needs to include butwe expect this to be published shortly.The RCST is to certify the shooter, not the rifle so you don't need a RCSTfor each rifle you own. You need to be certified by 31st December 2008 for2009 and thereafter annually.Your completed RCST certificate will need to be sent to the NRA with a photofor them to issue a card to state you're competent to use an MOD Range.There will be a charge for this, probably in the region of £15-£20 thatwould be paid direct to NRA.

More legitimised state robbery or in this case NRA robbery, its another means of mandatory competence testing by the back door. Well f**k them I wont submit to this!
I suggest no one else does either, your FACs are valid for 5 years and the NRA pushing for more members decides it will (mis)manage this? I recommend that everyone avoids Bisley for 4 or 6 months. When they see a huge drop in their income perhaps they will see the light!


Thud said...

I was considering an l200...I may think again.

Bambibasher said...

Well they are good but the one that was replaced by this model was far better, Richard has a whole list of niggles and as a business customer perhaps Misibishu should sit up and listen, me on the other hand am gratefull with whatever I can afford. My Isuzu Rodeo has only been stuck twice this year, Richard pulled it out once and an old Landccruiser the second time, both in one week. Perhaps I need an ols Lada Niva?