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Saturday, 3 May 2008

A good day started

A father and son given an intro to stalking, a good pair of lads, teenagers excused (I have 2 of my own) so it wasnt fruitful but they seemed to take in the training!

If either of them should forget the training before they visit again I'm sure they will be able to review their notes!

I really enjoyed taking both of these out and am looking forward to more of the same!

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Archer said...

We had a great day!
If you have the dosh book one of the courses!-
But if you think it's a bimble in the woods with a magazine of 5 rounds think again.

Basic training.

The 2 dvds shown are packed with info, and expect questions!!
Course handouts are comprehensive but I also made lots of extra notes

There is also lots of extra spoken info so "ears open" is a must.


Training is thorough.
I shoot rabbits with an air rifle and easily get a 1 inch group at 30 yards but
yesterday I realised I needed different skills.
The instruction was unhurried and left me well trained and ready for the shooting test

The Stalk.

Loaded rifle made ready together with observation and movement and I was off to a high seat

Taking the shot.

Ok, I never got to take it.
Nobodies fault
Just a no show from the deer.


A great day out, lots to learn and enjoy,
And I'm going back- together with son for another stalk

So hats off for a well organised day and many thanks.