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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The egg banjo, food of gods

Now I'm sure many of you would have heard of this especially if you have soldiers in your family. This is the food of gods, I sometimes feel I was cheated during my service as I was never mechanised and subsequently having to carry everything on my back I missed out on the delights of fingerprints of OMD 80 on my issue bread.

I did however do just enough tours in NI to experience the delight that is the banjo.

This morning having drunkenly purchased the last goose egg in the farm shop (it was our wedding anniversary) I decided that to get my eldest out of bed we would share this monster banjo

The egg was the size of the old issue L2 Hand Grenade, I hope it doesnt do a similar amount of damage?

Yes it is rather good isnt it? I dropped this one into an ommelette pan and got on with it,

I prepared the bread sadly not RAOC dated thursday and still frozen in the middle regardless of what day it is.

The Yolk was about the size of a saucer so the egg had to be turned,

This left the actual delivery to the bread bit, we split ours and contrary to some comments it was a runny yolk.

Having watched the F word last night I fancy an Ostrich egg next!

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