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Monday, 26 May 2008

Broadlands, a very nice gaffe as they say, the 14th Hampshire Country Fair

I was there in 82, much more recently at the last CLA fair to be held there and again this bank holiday weekend.
Well all doom and gloom on the way down as we had terrible weather but we dropped the stuff of and went home ready for an early start.
We set up in light drizzle on Sunday morning, did rather well and saw lots of friends;

Setting up I thought we should have been selling wellies and raincoats but by early afternoon we should have been selling ice creams;

We packed up last night and headed home home hoping that we wouldn't have too many dramas in the morning, sadly at 0700 this was the sight that met us at the exhibitors entrance;

2 and 3/4 hours of waiting and the organisers pulled the plug, sadly the water didnt drain away and this afternoon as I sit in my sunlit office typing this up am ever so thankful to my darling wife who didnt lose her sense of humour throughout;

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