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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Another new client

Yesterday I had the privelige of taking another ARRSSER on an introductory stalk.

Biped (for it is he) came to my wood for the training, passed the shoot and stalking phase then we went on an evening stalk in one of our woods where we have recently been seeing a lot of Roebucks.

I dropped of Damian on a spot we know as the hump, it covers a slope literally a blanket of bluebells. He sat there with his iffy foot whilst the three of us walked slowly up to the high seat.

Richard climbed up whilst Biped and myself stalked slowly around into the wind. I had just motioned Biped to slow down when he froze. Staring at us from the Rhodedendrons was a Roebuck. It was quicker than either of us and sprang off into cover and barked.

I alerted Richard over the 2 way radio and a shot rang out.

We approached cautiously and exactly where described lay this buck;

We got in close and it was a buck in poor condition, a really good cull target. The coat looked rough but he was changing from winter to summer coats and his antlers, both very thin single points and going back were still in velvet.

Richard used the tree hanging method for the gralloch;

Richard then proceeded to show and explain the Gralloch;

The gralloch was laid out and inspected;

Its always easier with 2 and carrying the cull back to the truck is no exception;

1 comment:

Biped said...

Biped here! (for it is indeed, truly . . . me!).

Fantastic first time out mate. Really enjoyable and informative. I got the bug, followed shortly by my own .308, fancy scope, hat (for my baldness) and other kit soon to follow.

Look forward to seeing you again on Wednesday!