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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Thanks to financial incompetence

Mainly by the government it looks like I will much against my wishes be stuck in Blighty whilst the gravy train (funded by the taxpayer) known as the Olympics rolls into town. A multiheaded beast that devours tax pounds like they're crunchy little humans.

So sitting watching the Governments electronic poll tax funded propoganda organ also known as BBC News last night it dawnwed on me that to recoup the costs of building temporary sites for shooting in Woolwich that the other non shooting competitors could be asked to pay to take part.
After all should I have been lucky enough to be selected to compete in target rifle for my country it would have been at the financial penalty of paying for almost all of my training and equipment out of my own pocket.
Seeing how the NRA charges like a wounded elephant to use facilities in Surrey (Too far from London) perhaps similar charges could be levied for running around our purpose built at great expense training grounds. Should they decide not to pay they can save the money they will need for each event by overnighting in the fleapit B&Bs in Belgrave road.
Lets face it they will need the money to pay for all of the swimming heats we have to endure on the TV whilst waiting for one shot of the womens 10 m air rifle!
A new Olympic motto should be "Lets make it self funding!" with a £ sign as a logo!
Come on you know it makes sense. The scale of charges can be sent out now, book early to avoid dissapointment!

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