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Sunday, 13 April 2008

A strange weekend

After taking two new clients on their introduction to woodland stalking course, two stalks apiece, one seeing 6 deer and firing on one, one seeing no deer but some spectacular wildlife.

There is one very lucky Roebuck who should be glad of the branch between the rifleman and himself for deflecting the .303 softpoint at less than 40 yards.

I decided that they both needed to retake their shooting test;

Robert here mastering a Roebuck target with my .303 from a high seat and below is Damian the evening before in another high seat with my 6.5 swede.

Which they both passed and after that they sat their written test and I am glad to say both achieved a good pass.

The best news of all has to be Nigel bagging his first deer, A Fallow Buck (antlers are currently cast), well done Nigel a long awaited for deer and hopefully I know what rifle an ammo took him!

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