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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Prepare for the interview

Ok, possibly my major fault when it comes to dealing with those self believers (they like to believe that they are demi gods and baby eaters) is lack of preparation.

I hate interviews where the interviewer is either trying to show you how good he is, how great his job is or how pants you are. The worse than that sort are those trying to recruit in the style of thank wa***er in the apprentice which lets face it the BBC is a mere puff piece for certain egos nowadays as in Lloyd Webber.

Now I thought I could breeze through this one, really to help a mate out as I was on my way to sign up for a temp job for the next three months anyway.

My preparation consisted of some serious coaching. The only problem was it was clay pigeon shooting;

Nigel who has graced these pages before, his wife Ness and two sons, descended upon our work party which really only consisted of me, my two lads and Richard measuring up the new pen.

I thought that some decent R&R was better than boning up on PM bullshoite and bluffing my way through another interview.

Nigel brought his deer rifle and his .22 to check zero and the boys all had a blast as well as taking clays going away with everything from a .410 through a 28 bore to a 12bore!

Alexander decides he can improve the Ruger 10/22 that he has blagged from Richard.

Ness gets her coaching from me and amazingly (My coaching isnt as good as my shooting which isnt great) hits the odd clay.

Needless to say a great day was had by all.

After a trip yesterday afternoon over to Chelmsford, a strange place deserving an entry all of its own I made it back to the pub for a swift half before entering the IWM (Mecca to those in the know) for a lecture. Sadly not the advertised one but in good company and enjoyable all the same.

The day before saw me taking a client for an evening stalk over on the eastern edge of the county, we have a few Fallow in this wood and they have been seen but apart from 4 taken last year by a guest I have yet to do more than pick up cast antlers and find boar indicators;

This looks suspicously like Boar have been rooting the bluebells up to get at something tasty below!

Still with lots of reloading to do for the next course and I am just starting to dry out a couple of skulls, one completely in the Velvet.

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