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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Last week of the dreaded puppies

Bar one, this weekend I will be puppy free bar one that will stay on for another week.

Things have been hectic with phone calls, e mails and visits to see the pups. I must say I will be glad to see them go but it will be a little bit sad, they all have their own characters which will now develop in a different way had they stayed on in our pack. Yesterday we had a delivery of 3mm thick rubber matting, I will probably be evil and sell it by the square foot just to see who I can wind up. The kennel is lined, the truck is lined, the doormat replaced and the dog cages both lined, nothing to do now but sell the tons of it on.

Just a quick look at the pups as they say goodbye;


Hippo said...

Keep it up Mr Basher.

I read your blog every time I have a connection and I appreciate it. I have been too knackered to string coherent prose on my blog but I will try. I was down at the farm last weekend and it is beautiful; first time I have been there in over a year. Only thing I could find to shoot was rabbits but they made good eating.

Can't remember if I told you but I started out in the LI before transferring to the RAOC to train as an ATO. Basic Trg at Sir John Moore Barracks and if I remember correctly, Capt Deedes was the Trg Offr, Major Marsham OC Troops. This was 1978/9 so you will excuse the awful memory of mine. I last saw Marsham when he was a Colonel at a conference in Colchester in the late eighties.

Bambibasher said...

Oddly enough there were at least two occifers in the regiment with the same surname, one was my Bn 2 i/c in the 80's and the other I met at last years reunion. He was a brigadier, must be something in the family. The one I knew was a very nice chap and a true Gentleman.
Nice to hear yu are still alive and kicking. Please stay in touch.