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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I have been remiss of lately

I have been busy building a new pheasant and a new partridge pen. These will be finished over the next two months in plenty of time to allow the birds to be delivered hopefully after the feed, water and electric fences are completed. I have also been neglecting the camera work but with yesterday in London at a seemingly fruitful interview I have had my hands full. Today has mainly been spent preparing for this weeks 1 day introduction to stalking course running on friday. The weather has been checked and hopefully all sits reasonably well so far!

Life hasnt been too easy at the moment, no spare cash for all of the projects needed.

I have Richards Roebuck skull with slightly sniffy velvet needing preserving so a bath in meths seems to work for fox brushes so that will have to do here!

I will see how many dunks it needs and re use the meths for cocktail hour!

I know I could order some velvet preserver fron STS but I havent the spare at the moment and meths I do have for some reason.

This is his skull drip drying, he didnt want to keep it but each skull preserved is an aid to teaching how to age deer.

Beer and football tonight then sausage making for a friends BBQ starts tomorrow!

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