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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Birthday Buck

Now for those of a Caledonian persuasion this isnt a bottle of Buckfast Abbey Tonic wine and I am no bucky swilling ned just yet!

This was the decision by me, fatal for bambis descendant that I should nip out at 0400 this morning to wander around the woods before breakfast and a trip to survey some new stalking grounds. I thought it was a nice idea, miss the rush hour traffic, a good breakfast and see some wildlife which was about all I had done, a fox stalking a cock pheasant!

Usually on my birthday and this was the 43rd I have had the pleasure of, I waste away the day with a hangover.

Today I spent it sat on my rucksack for 2 hours as dawn arose around me and then staggered off to a high seat frozen to the core. I really havent been that cold since I left the Army over 20 years ago. The wifes enjoinder as I left our warm swamp to "enjoy playing soldiers dear!" ringing in my ears as I climbed the high seat and made ready. I hadnt even sat down when I spied the fellow. I strained hard and saw he was a buck. In Velvet it seemed and going back so over the age of being in his prime (didnt I just know how that felt?) so I lined up the CZ527 in 7.62 x 39 and waited for him to appear. Now he started to bark, I suspect he had heard me struggling and I'm sure I missed with the first and second shots but lo he popped out into the open and I squeezed one off and down he went.

As I approached he sprang up and ran before I could fire another shot into the dirt where he had been lying.

The god of incompetent hunters was with me today and the buck stopped not 20 yards away broadside on presenting a perfect shot. Down he went and I was ecstatic. Now to conduct the quincy style autopsy.

I had shot high with the first hit causing the round to exit through the spine. I suspect a deflection but the second round was inch perfect destroying the heart and lungs.

The Buck was about seven years old and effectively past his prime, starting to go back on the Antlers, this was the main reason I selected him.

He has gone to a game dealer in Hampshire and weighed in dressed at about 50 pounds.

Here he is swinging in the family hammock before a trip in the back of the truck. The head I will mount later possibly next week, it will be a half skull on a shield. I have just the one for him!

Tip No1 never leave the house without a quality piece of rope, tip no2 should you forget tip No1 take a quality rope dog lead and dont tell the wife, the dog lead can also be used for removing Charlies Brush!

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